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I Feel The Need For Speed

Here's one of those almost universally reviled films that I actually like. In fact, not only do I like Jake Speed (1986, New World), it's one of those little non-guilty pleasures that I find I can revisit frequently, and enjoy every time I do. In fact, I'm proud to have the Anchor Bay DVD in my collection and would buy a Blu-ray edition in a heartbeat.

Sure it's got flaws. A horde of them. Bad synthesizer music when it really needs a rousing, John Williams or James Horner score. A questionable leading man. Plot problems (although they're not really problems, considering the conceit of the film). A really lame "Heavily Armed Raiding Vehicle." What really hurts the film the most though is the lackluster direction, but if you can stick with it, I think you might find this 1986 B-movie adventure to be worth your time.

The premise is brilliant: you know all those pulp and paperback heroes that we all love so much? They're real. (Doc Savage is …

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